Meeting Your Water Purification Needs

Inspired by the characteristics of the North American Pronghorn., we are a fast, agile and unique company capable of responding quickly in today's dynamic business environment.

Pronghorn is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative technologies for water quality control systems worldwide. Making the world a better place is our mission by continuously providing pioneering sensor solutions to improve efficiency, reduce waste and save our customers both time and money.

Pronghorn Technologies proudly introduces a revolutionary breakthrough in automated water
disinfection technology - the TRO Smart sensor systems including the TRO Marine. The TRO Marine sensor enables automation of
water treatment systems through accurate and reliable measurement of residual oxidants such as chlorine and bromine.
Unlike typical amperometric sensors, our TRO Marine sensor does not require expensive chemical reagents, re-calibration or fragile membranes that drive up costs.
In addition, TRO Smart sensors are self-cleaning and entirely maintenance free! These sensors have applications wherever there is a need to disinfect water including Navy/Marine vessel cooling systems, ship ballast water tanks, power plant cooling systems, municipal drinking water and HVAC cooling tower systems.
Currently in the final stages of development, the TRO Marine sensor specifically developed for high salinity environments will be available this year to simplify and supercharge the operation of your automated water disinfection systems 


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