Meeting Your Water Purification Needs

TRO Marine Sensor System

Our Total Residual Oxidant (TRO) Marine Sensor System is the most advanced water treatment monitoring device on the market.  Rest at ease knowing that your system is producing the correct amount of disinfectant in seawater, freshwater, or wastewater applications.  Whatever parameters you need, we got you covered, with our modular design you can add or subtract based on your sensing requirements. 

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Electrolytic Chlorine Generators

Water Treatment Systems

We offer the industry’s best on-site electrolytic chlorine generation systems (ECG’s) with the smallest footprint to save valuable space.  Whatever your application, we provide the most cost effective solution to your water treatment needs.  Check out our selection of high quality products for more information and to get one on order.


Get a complete water treatment system armed with essential monitoring and automation technology.  We provide you with the total system solution to save you time and money.  Fully automated water treatment at its finest minimizing downtime and lowering operational costs.